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Airline etiquette: Tips from an expert
I was sitting in an aisle seat on a flight earlier this year when a fellow traveler approached and politely said he thought I may be sitting in his seat.

India's first woman with a Michelin star
Chef Garima Arora just became the first Indian woman to win a Michelin star.

New Zealand asks travelers to pledge a 'Tiaki Promise'
New Zealand is known for its strict environmental rules and regulations.

Eat your way through Mexico City's largest market
Mexico City's love affair with food is all-encompassing, and no trip is complete without a thorough food tour of Mercado de la Merced, the city's largest market and one of its oldest.

Go glamping with Hello Kitty in Japan
Hello Kitty is one of Japan's most popular -- and definitely most adorable -- exports.

This Day in History

Prestige Oil Spill (2002)
On Nov. 13, 2002, the Prestige oil tanker suffered damage in a storm and began leaking oil. Denied entry to ports in Spain, France, and Portugal, the stricken vessel was kept at sea for nearly a week before it broke apart and sank about 150 mi (250 km) from the Spanish coast. The resulting oil spill, the worst environmental disaster in Spain's history, fouled much of the Galician coastline as well as parts of the French coast. How did this spill compare to that of the Exxon Valdez? Discuss

The King's Cross Fire (1987)
Toward the end of the evening rush hour on November 18, 1987, a fire broke out beneath an escalator at King's Cross station in central London. The busy train station was still crowded with commuters, and while many escaped the resulting blaze, 31 fell victim. More than 60 others suffered injuries ranging from smoke inhalation to severe burns. It is believed that a discarded match likely sparked the conflagration. For how many years did the identity of one of the fire's victims remain a mystery?

The Luxor Massacre (1997)
Located on the west bank of the Nile across from the city of Luxor, Deir al-Bahri is one of Egypt's most popular attractions. It encompasses the remains of three ancient temples, among them the terraced temple of Queen Hatshepsut, which in 1997 became the site of a terrible massacre. On that day, six terrorists armed with guns and knives descended on the temple and systematically killed more than 60 people, most of them foreign tourists. What did the terrorists hope to achieve with the attack?